Hollywood Feed: Behind the Scenes

You would never guess what goes on behind the scenes at Hollywood Feed, your neighborhood pet supply store. As you browse the aisles for your dog or cat’s favorite treats and toys, an intricate ballet is unfolding to make sure every customer finds exactly what they need. Early mornings see staff unpacking pallets of products and meticulously stocking shelves. What looks like controlled chaos to the untrained eye is actually a well-orchestrated dance choreographed to provide you the best experience.

Friendly faces greet you at the register, but what you don’t see are the hours of training to provide knowledgeable recommendations tailored to your pet’s needs. You may not witness the team effort required to keep popular items in stock or source the high-quality and natural products you’ve come to expect. Hollywood Feed aims to be your trusted partner in caring for your furry family members. Next time you stop in, take an extra moment to appreciate the care and passion of the staff working hard behind the scenes to enrich your pet’s life. There’s more going on than meets the eye at your neighborhood Hollywood Feed.

The History of Hollywood Feed

Hollywood Feed started as a family-run business in Memphis, Tennessee back in 1995. Brothers Mark and Michael Kaplan launched the first Hollywood Feed store to provide high-quality, natural pet food and supplies for the community.

Within a few years, the brothers opened a second location. And a third. Fast forward to today, and Hollywood Feed has over 70 stores across the Southern U.S. But despite the growth, the company’s values remain the same: provide exceptional customer service and the best natural, wholesome products for pets.

Hollywood Feed is known for its wide range of holistic, organic and human-grade pet foods. They thoroughly vet manufacturers and suppliers to ensure safety, quality and transparency. You’ll find premium brands of kibble and cans, raw and dehydrated pet food, treats, supplements, grooming essentials, beds, collars – everything your furry family members need to live healthy, happy lives.

The company’s mission is to improve pet health through natural, high-quality nutrition and humane products. Hollywood Feed team members are highly knowledgeable about animal care and diet so they can offer personalized guidance for your pet. It’s this combination of premium products and dedicated customer service that has allowed Hollywood Feed to become a leader in the natural pet retail industry.

What Makes Hollywood Feed Unique

When it comes to pet stores, Hollywood Feed is like no other. What makes them so unique?

For starters, they only carry high-quality, natural pet foods and treats. No fillers, byproducts or artificial additives here. They do extensive testing to find brands that meet their strict standards. Once products make the cut, you won’t find them anywhere else.

They’re also passionate about giving back. A portion of all sales goes to animal welfare organizations and adoptions. They frequently host events to raise funds and awareness for rescue groups.

You’ll never feel pressured into buying something your pet doesn’t need. Their friendly staff are extremely knowledgeable but not pushy. They genuinely want to help you keep your furry family members happy and healthy.

Hollywood Feed doesn’t just see pets as customers, but as part of the family. That’s why they work hard to source the best products, support great causes and provide helpful advice. For pet lovers who want only the finest for their companions, Hollywood Feed is the place to shop.

Hollywood Feed’s Commitment to High-Quality, Natural Pet Nutrition

Hollywood Feed is committed to providing only the highest-quality, natural nutrition for pets.###

  • They carefully source premium, natural ingredients from trusted suppliers and manufacturers. High-quality animal proteins like deboned chicken, fish meal, and lamb meal are always the first ingredients in their foods.
  • Artificial additives, fillers, and by-products are never used. This means no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and no corn, wheat or soy.
  • Strict quality standards and testing are in place to ensure freshness, safety and nutritional integrity. Every batch of food is tested for contaminants before being sold.

The Hollywood Feed’s goal is to improve pet health through natural nutrition. By providing pets with wholesome, natural foods, they aim to reduce diet-related health issues and give pets longer, higher quality lives. Their commitment to premium nutrition has earned them a loyal customer base and reputation as a trusted source for natural pet foods, treats and supplements.

Giving Back to the Community: Hollywood Feed’s Charitable Endeavors

Giving Back Locally

Hollywood Feed aims to be a good neighbor and give back to the communities they serve. They frequently donate products, time, and funds to local animal shelters and rescues across their operating area. Hollywood Feed store teams often organize fundraising drives and adoption events to help place pets in forever homes.

They also support various animal welfare organizations through partnerships and donations. Some of the groups they work with include Stray Rescue of St. Louis, Memphis Animal Services, and Nashville Humane Association. By helping to promote pet adoption and raise funds for much needed resources, Hollywood Feed strives to be an advocate for animals in need within their local communities.

Hollywood Feed’s charitable programs positively impact the lives of thousands of shelter pets each year. Through donations that provide food, toys, bedding and other essentials, they help make shelter stays more comfortable while animals wait to find their new families. By mobilizing their passionate customer base, Hollywood Feed is also able to raise substantial funds for life-saving medical care, disaster relief efforts and other critical initiatives that support animal welfare.

Overall, Hollywood Feed aims to spread awareness about pet adoption and make a meaningful difference through community outreach and partnerships with reputable local organizations. Their charitable endeavors and culture of giving back are just another way Hollywood Feed lives out their mission to improve the lives of pets and the people who love them.


So there you have it, a peek into the making of Hollywood Feed, a brand built on passion, quality, and community. As you shop for your furry friend’s food and toys, know that there are caring individuals working hard behind the scenes to source and provide the very best. People who put in long hours to research the latest in pet nutrition and to find toys that are both fun and safe. People who value giving back to animal welfare organizations and making personal connections with customers. Next time you stop by your neighborhood Hollywood Feed, take a moment to appreciate all the effort that goes into giving your pet the very best. You can feel good knowing your dollars are supporting a company that shares your values and commitment to animal well-being. Hollywood Feed—where every bag and bone makes a difference.

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