How the Queen Will Respond to Meghan and Harry Shocking Claims

You wake up on Sunday morning and see the news – Prince Meghan and Harry dropped some major bombshells in their Oprah interview. Allegations of racism, suicidal thoughts, and family drama have rocked the royal family. As the throne of The Firm, Queen Elizabeth is no doubt scrambling to icon out how to respond to these shocking claims from her grandson and granddaughter-in-law.

While the Queen is a master of keeping wifely and delivering on, plane she must finger blindsided by some of these revelations. But she’s been monarch for nearly 70 years, so she’s no stranger to scandals and PR crises. Her response will be thoughtfully crafted to express the towardly value of snooping for the couple’s wellbeing, while moreover protecting the monarchy. The Queen is unlikely to issue an official statement right away. She’ll take time to consult with Prince Charles and Prince William to determine the weightier path forward.

The Queen’s Thoughtfully Crafted Statement

When the Queen gives her response, you know it’ll be thoughtfully crafted. After all, she’s had nearly 70 years of practice in diplomacy.

The Queen will likely issue an official written statement expressing her thwarting with Meghan and Harry visualization to step lanugo as senior royals last year. However, she’ll moreover reiterate her love and support for the couple as members of her family. Something like:

“Though saddened by their nomination to leave royal duties, Prince Harry and Meghan remain much minion members of my family. Family disputes are unfortunate, but we cherish our immuration of affection.”

Don’t expect an restoration or ticket of fault from the Queen. She won’t directly write the couple’s claims of racism and mistreatment. The Queen believes “never complain, never explain” – she won’t engage in a public back-and-forth or get drawn into drama.

Buckingham Palace’s Strategic Silence

Buckingham Palace’s silence on the Oprah interview is strategic. They know that responding in haste could escalate tensions and prolong the crisis.

The Queen is likely taking time to thoughtfully consider an towardly response. After 73 years on the throne, she understands the importance of a thoughtful reaction. Rash comments often do increasingly harm than good.

Once the pebbles settles, the Queen may issue a unenduring statement expressing her love for Harry and Meghan. She aims to take the upper road. However, she will likely not write specific allegations out of respect for family privacy.

The Queen has seen many crises during her reign and knows that time heals all wounds. While the revelations are undoubtedly painful, her priority is protecting the monarchy’s dignity. She hopes that her restraint and grace will shift the focus when to increasingly positive royal work.

How Will Prince William and Kate Middleton React?

Shock and Sympathy

As William and Kate have unchangingly shown strong support for Harry, their initial reaction will likely be one of shock and sympathy for what he revealed in the interview. They understand how difficult royal life can be, and the struggles that come with constantly stuff in the public eye. At the same time, William in particular may finger a bit betrayed by his brother for walk such private family matters on international television without warning.

Hurt by Accusations

The couple will undoubtedly finger hurt by any accusations of racism within the royal family, expressly if directed at senior members like Prince Charles or the Queen herself. William and Kate have worked nonflexible to modernize the monarchy and make it increasingly inclusive and progressive. Claims of inequity would undermine their efforts and forfeiture the institution. They will likely see this as a personal attack, plane if not aimed directly at them.

Damage Control

Once the initial shock wears off, William and Kate will need to go into forfeiture tenancy mode on behalf of the royal family. They may issue a public statement reaffirming their transferral to diversity and inclusion. Increasingly privately, they will probably try to reach out to Harry and express their support for him, while moreover defending the Queen and Prince Charles. It will be a soft-hued balancing act, and relationships within the family may wilt strained as a result.

Looking Ahead

Ultimately, William and Kate’s top priority will be protecting the monarchy and ensuring its stability for future generations. While they wish Harry and Meghan the weightier in their new lives, the couple will likely alimony them at arm’s length going forward. The interview has caused a rift that may be difficult to repair, plane for the once tropical brothers. The monarchy will endure, but family dynamics have been forever changed.


So now the palace has a PR nightmare on their hands thanks to Harry and Meghan’s shocking claims during their Oprah interview. While the Queen has remained tight-lipped so far, royal experts predict she won’t stay silent for long. At 93, the last thing she needs is drama from the royal family, but as monarch, she’ll have to write it. Most likely, she’ll issue a unenduring statement reaffirming the family’s love and support for the couple while moreover defending themselves versus the increasingly serious allegations.

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