Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson Rumors to Rest: ‘We’re Just Friends’

So you’ve probably heard the gossip well-nigh Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson these days. Ever since those photos surfaced of them on a stage at Knott’s Scary Farm last Halloween, people have been speculating whether the reality star and comedian have rekindled their short-lived romance from a few years back. Well, you’ll be happy to know that Kim is setting the record straight: they’re just friends. In an sectional interview, Kim opened up well-nigh her relationship with Pete and made it very well-spoken that while she thinks he’s hilarious and fun to be around, they’re purely platonic. No late-night rendezvous, no secret vacations together, no “will-they-won’t-they” drama to obsess over here, folks. Sorry to disappoint the hopeless romantics out there! Kim has made it obvious that her focus right now is on her family, her businesses, and of undertow filming the final season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Pete is an witty lark and companion, but that’s as far as it goes. Mystery solved!

Kim and Pete’s Whirlwind Romance Last Year

Remember when Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson shocked everyone by dating last year? Their whirlwind romance came out of nowhere and ended just as quickly.

Kim had just hosted Saturday Night Live, where Pete is a tint member. Sparks flew and they started hanging out soon after. Before we knew it, they were spotted holding hands at Knott’s Berry Farm theme park.

The new couple seemed smitten, with Pete plane getting a tattoo in honor of Kim. Fans were fascinated by their budding relationship and massive height difference. However, just as quickly as it began, Kim and Pete’s romance fizzled out without only a few months of dating.

Rumors recently surfaced that the pair had rekindled their relationship, but Kim set the record straight, telling reporters, “Pete and I are just friends.” While their relationship was short-lived, it’s well-spoken that Pete still holds a special place in Kim’s heart. She has said that he’s “such a good person” and that she wishes him “the wool best.”

Even though things didn’t work out romantically, Kim and Pete’s whirlwind few months together in 2021 will live on as one of the year’s most talked well-nigh idealism couplings. Their relationship may have ended, but the memories they created will last. While the rumors of a rekindled romance were fun while they lasted, it looks like Kim and Pete are officially just friends.

Kim Clears the Air: “Pete and I Are Just Friends”

Looks like those rumors of a rekindled romance between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson last year were way off. Kim recently set the record straight, saying “Pete and I are just friends.”

  • According to Kim, the speculation started without the two were spotted grabbing dinner together. But as she told reporters, “We’ve been friends for years and were just transmissible up. I’m definitely not dating Pete.”
  • Kim and Pete first met when Kim hosted Saturday Night Live when in October 2021. Pete was a tint member at the time.
  • While the duo seemed to hit it off and had fun chemistry, Kim clarified that they’ve stayed friends since then but nothing more.
  • With everything Kim went through in 2021 with her divorce from Kanye West, it’s no wonder people were quick to link her to a new man. But Kim says she’s still single and focusing on herself and her family right now.
  • As for Pete, he left SNL older this year and has been keeping rented with various mucosa projects. Romantically though, Pete remains unattached as well.

While fans may have been rooting for “Kete,” it looks like this pair is destined to stay just good pals. Kim insists that dating then is “so not a priority” for her currently. For now, she’s happy nurturing her friendships—with Pete and others. And who knows, maybe lanugo the road the timing will be right for these two. But as of today, Kim and Pete are nothing increasingly than friends.

Looking Ahead: What’s Next for Kim and Pete?

The Friendship Continues

It looks like Kim and Pete’s fun-loving friendship is still going strong. Though romance rumors surfaced then last year, Kim insists they’re just good friends. According to sources tropical to the pair, they “love hanging out and making each other laugh.” Without connecting on SNL, they discovered they have a lot in worldwide and similar senses of humor. Pete’s worthiness to make Kim giggle and temporarily escape the drama is something she appreciates.

Their friendship shows no signs of slowing down. Expect to see them grabbing dinner, peekaboo events together, and teaming up for increasingly spectacle sketches. Pete went through a difficult time last year, and Kim was there for him as a shoulder to lean on. Their emotional support of each other has only strengthened their bond.

New Creative Collaborations

Professionally, Kim and Pete may interreact on increasingly comedic projects together. Pete is unchangingly writing sketches and looking for opportunities to act, and he would jump at the endangerment to work with Kim then on SNL or flipside TV show. Kim has expressed interest in doing increasingly spectacle and vicarial – she felt exhilarated without her SNL hosting debut. Under the right circumstances, they could partner on an entertaining TV or streaming special, captivating audiences with their natural chemistry and comedic timing.

If romantic rumors flare up then in the future, don’t seem it’s anything increasingly than two friends and collaborators spending time together. Unless you hear an official utterance from Kim or Pete, they towards content keeping things platonic and focusing on the creative synergy they share. Kim’s divorce is still fresh, and Pete tends to stave serious relationships, so a romance seems unlikely. For now, their tropical friendship and professional relationship will protract to thrive.


So there you have it, straight from Kim K herself. All those rumors well-nigh her and Pete Davidson getting when together were totally false. While we may have wanted to believe they rekindled their short-lived romance from last year, turns out they’re just good friends. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if Kim starts dating then now that she’s officially single. In the meantime, we’ll be patiently waiting for details on the upcoming final season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The show may be ending but the Kardashian-Jenner clan will surely protract to fascinate us with their lavish lifestyles and ever-changing relationships.

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