LaMelo Ball Girlfriend: Who Is the Woman Behind the NBA Star?

So you’re an NBA fan who can’t get enough of the charismatic LaMelo Ball. His flashy passes and three-pointers have made him an instant star, but who is the woman behind this basketball phenom? Like many famous athletes, LaMelo keeps the details of his love life private. But rumors have swirled about his relationship status ever since he joined the league. Get ready to meet the mystery woman who has captured LaMelo’s heart. This is everything we know about LaMelo Ball Girlfriend.

Who Has LaMelo Ball Dated? a Look at His Past Relationships

LaMelo Ball is one of the NBA’s hottest young stars, so it’s no surprise that he’s had his fair share of relationships over the years. Let’s take a look at some of the women LaMelo has dated.

  • Back in high school, LaMelo briefly dated Instagram model Ashley Alvano. The two were spotted together at LaMelo’s high school basketball games, but the relationship fizzled out pretty quickly.
  • For a while, there were rumors that LaMelo was dating fellow Instagram influencer Olivia Occhipinti. The two frequently liked and commented on each other’s social media posts, leading many to believe they were an item. However, neither LaMelo nor Olivia ever confirmed they were actually dating.
  • LaMelo’s longest and most serious relationship was with Taina Williams, the daughter of rapper Fabolous. LaMelo and Taina dated on-and-off from 2019 to 2021. They were pretty public with their relationship and frequently posted loved-up photos together on Instagram. Sadly, the couple split for good in early 2021, but they seem to have remained on good terms.
  • As of now, LaMelo appears to be single and focused on his NBA career. At just 20 years old, he has his whole life ahead of him, so there will likely be many more relationships to come as his star continues to rise. But for now, it looks like the only woman in LaMelo’s life is the game of basketball!

Meet Ashlen Diaz: LaMelo Ball’s Longtime Girlfriend and Manager

LaMelo Ball, the Charlotte Hornets point guard, has been dating Ashlen Diaz for years. Ashlen, who also acts as LaMelo’s day-to-day manager, has been by his side through it all.

  • Ashlen and LaMelo met in high school while he was playing at Chino Hills High. They began officially dating in 2016 and have been together ever since.
  • Ashlen handles LaMelo’s schedule, appearances, and brand partnerships. She travels with him during the NBA season and offseason. LaMelo has said that Ashlen keeps him grounded and focused.
  • Though private about their relationship, LaMelo and Ashlen are clearly devoted to one another. They post photos together on Instagram and YouTube, where they have documented memories from high school dances to NBA draft day.
  • Ashlen seems to lead a relatively normal life. She enjoys reading, cooking, and staying active. While LaMelo’s star has risen to new heights, Ashlen remains dedicated to maintaining their relationship behind the scenes.
  • There is no doubt that Ashlen’s support and management have been instrumental in LaMelo’s success. The couple that started dating in high school now navigates the life of an NBA star together. LaMelo is lucky to have someone like Ashlen who was with him long before the fame and fortune.

With Ashlen by his side, both personally and professionally, the sky is the limit for LaMelo Ball. This power couple is one to keep an eye on.

What’s Next for LaMelo Ball and Ashlen Diaz?

A Promising Future

LaMelo Ball and Ashlen Diaz seem to have a bright future ahead of them. At only 19 years old, LaMelo was selected 3rd overall in the 2020 NBA draft by the Charlotte Hornets. His rookie season showed flashes of brilliance and earned him a spot on the NBA All-Rookie Second Team. With hard work and dedication, LaMelo could become an NBA superstar and perennial All-Star.

Ashlen has supported LaMelo through all of his basketball journey’s ups and downs. She was by his side when he decided to forgo college and play professionally overseas. Her encouragement and belief in him surely helped motivate LaMelo to make it to the NBA. As LaMelo’s star continues to rise in the league, Ashlen will remain his biggest fan and source of support.

Wedding Bells in the Future?

LaMelo and Ashlen have been together since their early teens and have endured a lot during their nearly five years as a couple. While still young, such longevity and shared experiences can strengthen a relationship. Despite their youth, marriage and starting a family may be on the horizon for these two.

Many NBA players marry their high school sweethearts who were with them before they became famous. LaMelo and Ashlen’s relationship seems built to last, so wedding bells ringing in a few years would not come as a surprise. They appear to genuinely care for and support one another through all of life’s challenges and triumphs.

The future is bright for this young couple. With LaMelo’s rising NBA stardom and Ashlen by his side, the sky is the limit for what they can accomplish together. Hornets fans are surely hoping LaMelo and Ashlen remain together for the long haul.


So there you have it, a glimpse into the woman behind LaMelo Ball, the star of the NBA and one of the most talked-about athletes of his generation. While LaMelo keeps his private life mostly private, it’s clear that Ashley is an important source of support and stability for him. She seems perfectly content to let LaMelo bask in the spotlight while she focuses on their relationship and future together. As LaMelo’s star continues to rise in the NBA, you can expect Ashley to remain by his side, his biggest cheerleader and confidante. Looks like LaMelo scored big by finding a life partner as talented as he is at supporting his dreams while keeping him grounded. Ashley is clearly the perfect match for this basketball phenom.

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