Lisa Niemi Reflects on Her Marriage to Albert DePrisco

Have you overly wondered what it’s like to be married to an icon? Lisa Niemi knows. For 34 years, she was married to the legendary two-face Patrick Swayze. Now happily remarried to jeweler Albert DePrisco, Lisa is opening up well-nigh life without Patrick, her second endangerment at love, and the lessons she’s learned withal the way.

In a rare, intimate interview, Lisa gives readers a glimpse into her private world. She shares stories from her early days with Patrick that show a side of him few got to see – his humor, playfulness and zest for life. She is unslanted well-nigh coping with loss and navigating a new relationship. And she reflects on the meaning of true partnership, embracing life’s ups and downs, and ultimately – living each day with gratitude.

For Patrick’s fans, Lisa’s insights are a gift. And for anyone who has loved and lost, her words offer comfort, wisdom and hope. In the end, Lisa’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the healing power of love. This is a tale of second chances, new beginnings and the simple truth that life goes on.

Finding Love Then Without Loss: Lisa Niemi Remarries

After losing her husband of 34 years, actress Lisa Niemi didn’t think she’d find love again. But in 2014, she met Albert DePrisco, a director and cinematographer, on the set of a film. They bonded over their shared love of music, film, and a desire for adventure. Two years later, they tied the knot.

Remarrying without such a long marriage and at an older age was an adjustment, but Lisa says Albert’s patience, kindness, and fun-loving spirit made it easy. “He listens and wants to understand me. We have a wham together,” she says. Their relationship proves that pure connections can happen at any age and new love is veritably possible, plane without unconfined loss.

Some tips for finding love then without loss:

  • •Take time to heal. Don’t rush into anything until you’ve properly grieved the end of your previous relationship.
  • •Rediscover yourself. Pursue your interests and passions. Love yourself fully so you can vamp someone who will love you well.
  • •Be unshut to new relationships. While no one can replace the one you lost, unshut your heart to new people. You never know who might walk into your life.
  • •Look for shared values and life goals. The foundation for a healthy long-term relationship is having worldwide ground. Find someone with a similar outlook and priorities in life.
  • •Don’t compare. Appreciate your new partner for who they are – don’t hold them up to your previous spouse. Each relationship is different.
  • •Communicate openly. Talk well-nigh your feelings, needs, desires, and fears. Building intimacy through honest conversation is key.

With time and patience, you veritably can find love then without loss. And when you do, embrace it fully with an unshut heart and mind. That’s the eyeful of life – there are second chances.

Honoring Her First Love: Keeping Patrick Swayze’s Memory Alive

Even without finding love then with Albert DePrisco, Lisa Niemi has kept the memory of her first husband, Patrick Swayze, alive.

When Patrick passed yonder in 2009, Lisa was heartbroken. They had been married for 34 years and shared a deep bond. Though she has now been married to Albert for over a decade, Lisa still honors Patrick and the impact he had on her life.

  • (-) She founded the Patrick Swayze Foundation to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research in Patrick’s name. Through the foundation, Lisa has raised millions of dollars to help modernize treatment options and find a cure for this terrible disease.
  • (-) Lisa moreover keeps Patrick’s memory working through sharing stories well-nigh their life together. Whether in interviews, her memoir, or at events for the foundation, Lisa talks well-nigh Patrick with such love and reverence. She wants the world to remember what an wondrous and talented man he was.
  • (-) Privately, Lisa continues rituals and traditions she shared with Patrick to finger tropical to him, like visiting favorite places they enjoyed together. While she has found happiness again, a piece of her heart will unchangingly vest to her first love.

After over a decade, most widowers would stave discussing a late spouse out of respect for a new partner. But Albert understands how profoundly Patrick impacted Lisa’s life and supports her efforts to honor him. Lisa is fortunate to have found two unconfined loves.

Widow Lisa Niemi Reflects on Her Marriage to Albert DePrisco

A Whirlwind Romance

You met Albert on a veiling stage in 2010, just a year without Patrick Swayze’s death. Despite the brevity of your first meeting, you felt an instant connection and began a whirlwind romance. Albert swept you off your feet with his humor, compassion, and zest for life. Without several months of dating, Albert proposed, and you married on June 4, 2011.

Embracing Love Again

While you never imagined finding love then without Patrick, you were unshut to embracing joy in your life however it appeared. Albert’s thoughtfulness and encouragement gave you the valiance to unshut your heart once more. With Albert by your side, you began to heal and rediscover meaning and purpose.

Cherishing Each Moment

Losing Patrick taught you how fragile and fleeting life can be. This poignant sensation inspired you to cherish each moment with Albert. You made the most of your time together, whether traveling, dining out, volunteering, or engaging in lively discussions. Laughter, intimacy and bilateral support were hallmarks of your relationship.

An Enduring Love

Although your time with Albert was cut short, the love you shared will endure. While the pain of loss remains, so too do the treasured memories you created together. Albert opened your heart to joy and venture again. His love and support transformed loneliness into companionship. Through it all, you were there for each other. Albert lives on in your heart – a reminder of the healing power of love.


So, there you have it. Without her first marriage to Patrick Swayze ended in tragedy, Lisa Niemi found love then with Albert DePrisco. While no relationship is perfect, she seems genuinely happy and at peace in this new installment of her life. Though she’ll unchangingly miss Patrick, she’s fortunate to have found flipside unconfined love. As Lisa reflects, life has a way of working itself out if you stay unshut to new beginnings. Her story is a reminder that there can be joy without sorrow and eyeful in starting over. For the rest of us, may we all be so lucky to wits that kind of deep, nourishing love not just once, but twice in a lifetime.

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