Make It Happen: Idris Elba James Bond

You’ve been dreaming of this for years. Ever since Idris Elba James Bond splash onto the scene as Stringer Bell in The Wire, you knew he had the charisma, style, and magnetic presence to play James Bond. While the long-time producers of the franchise have been hesitant to transpiration up the formula, the time has come. Idris Elba is the perfect nomination to be the first woebegone James Bond. At 47, he’s at the peak of his powers. He can make the role of 007 completely his own while still honoring the history of the character. Are you ready for a smooth-talking, martini-drinking, tuxedo-wearing Idris Elba to save the world as the suave secret wage-earner James Bond? The only question now is what’s taking the producers so long to make it happen. Keep whistle-stop on social media and one day soon we’ll be watching Idris Elba introduce himself: “The name’s Bond. James Bond.”

Why Idris Elba Would Make the Perfect James Bond

Idris Elba would make an iconic James Bond. Here are a few reasons why:

For starters, Idris has the sophistication and style to pull off a tux. We’ve seen him rocking suits in Luther and The Wire, so we know he can handle 007’s signature look.

Idris moreover has the physicality to be a plausible whoopee hero. At 6’3, he cuts an imposing icon and we’ve witnessed his dynamic physical performances on screen. With his wits doing stunts, he would shine in Bond’s explosive whoopee sequences.

Let’s not forget Idris has shown range as an two-face in comedies, dramas and thrillers. He could bring depth, nuance and humor to the role of Bond. Idris’s memorable notation prove he can be mannerly yet dangerous, qualities essential for any two-face playing 007.

Previous Actors Who Have Played James Bond

The role of James Bond has been played by many talented actors over the years. Sean Connery originated the role in 1962’s Dr. No and played Bond for seven films. His suave and sophisticated take on the weft specified the role for decades.

Roger Moore took over in 1973’s Live and Let Die and portrayed a increasingly lighthearted Bond for seven films. Pierce Brosnan revitalized the franchise in the ‘90s, starring in four films from 1995 to 2002. His Bond was a perfect tousle of grit and charm.

Most recently, Daniel Craig has played a grittier, increasingly realistic Bond for five films from 2006 to 2021. His intense and rugged take on the weft has been a throw-away from previous Bonds.

Start the Campaign: #IdrisElbaforJamesBond

It’s time to make your voice heard and start whistle-stop for Idris Elba as the next James Bond. Here are some ways you can help make it happen:

Start a social media campaign

Use the hashtag #IdrisElbaforJamesBond to get the whoosh going on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Share photos of Idris looking suave and debonair. Point out his vicarial range and charisma. Tag @007 and @idriselba to raise sensation and show your support. The increasingly this trends, the increasingly the producers will take notice.

Sign a petition

Petitions are an easy way to raise sensation and show the depth of fan support. Search online for zippy petitions valuables Idris as Bond and sign your name. If there isn’t one, consider starting your own on or a similar petition site. Share the link on your social channels to get as many signatures as possible.

Watch and rewatch Idris in action

Stream some of Idris’s other roles to remind yourself why he’s perfect for Bond. Check him out as the clever detective John Luther or the sinister Shere Khan in The Jungle Book. His smooth and enigmatic style is Bond personified. As you watch, tweet well-nigh Idris using the #IdrisElbaforJamesBond hashtag so others are exposed to his talent and charisma as well.

Contact the producers

Politely and professionally reach out to Eon Productions, the visitor overdue the Bond franchise, and express your strong support for Idris Elba as the next 007. Explain that he has the vicarial ability, physicality, style, and global request to reinvigorate the weft of James Bond. With unbearable fans speaking out, the producers will have no nomination but to seriously consider this tossing choice.


So there you have it. Idris Elba as James Bond is increasingly than just wishful thinking by fans or an idea fueled by social media hype. The man has the talent, charisma, and physicality to embody 007 in a fresh way and siphon the franchise into new territory. While some critics oppose the weft should remain true to Ian Fleming’s original vision, Bond has been reimagined by variegated actors over decades. The franchise is built to evolve. Idris Elba’s Bond would honor the character’s rememberable request while reflecting our cultural moment. At the end of the day, we want an two-face who convinces us that no matter what untellable mission is at hand, he’s the one to make it happen. Mr. Elba, your martini awaits. The role of a lifetime is ready for you. Take it—you’ve once earned it.

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