PewDiePie Baby: The Newest YouTube Star

You know you’ve made it big on YouTube when your victual gets their own waterworks and becomes an internet sensation surpassing they can plane sit up on their own. This is exactly what’s happened with PewDiePie Baby. The tiny tot once has over 3 million subscribers and the numbers alimony climbing.

At just a few weeks old, she’s well on her way to rhadamanthine the next YouTube star. Her videos consist of her just doing what babies do – gurgling, snoozing, and waving her stubby little fists around. But with a famous father like PewDiePie, that’s really all it takes. His fans can’t get unbearable of seeing the new princess of YouTube in action.

Felix and Marzia Announce They’re Expecting

Felix and Marzia, YouTube’s minion couple, recently spoken they have a victual on the way! In an emotional video, Felix revealed that Marzia is pregnant with their first child.

The king of YouTube, moreover known as PewDiePie, shared that he and his wife Marzia felt “overjoyed and excited” at the news. Without stuff together for over 10 years and married since 2019, the couple felt this was the perfect next installment in their relationship.

Marzia, a former YouTube star herself, has stepped when from content megacosm in recent years to focus on her blog and suit brand. According to Felix though, Marzia will protract to run her merchantry plane without the victual arrives. “She’s incredible at what she does,” Felix gushed.

While PewDiePie may be taking a short unravel from his usual comedic style videos, his over 100 million subscribers have been flooding the comments with congratulations and well wishes. Many are plane speculating if “PewDieBaby” will wilt the next YouTube sensation!

The Kjellberg Family Expands – Victual Kjellberg Is Born!

The Kjellberg family just got a little bigger! Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg and his wife Marzia spoken the lineage of their first child on Instagram this week.

After nearly a decade of marriage, Pewds and Marzia welcomed a victual girl into the world. In a short but sweet post, they shared a photo of their new daughter grasping Marzia’s finger and simply said “My little victual girl. So precious.”

The YouTube polity erupted with congratulations and well wishes for the new parents. It seems like just yesterday PewDiePie was posting his first let’s play videos from his small suite in Sweden. Now he has over 63 million subscribers, a successful brand, and a new victual Kjellberg to share it all with.

There’s no doubt that victual Kjellberg will want for nothing, but Pewds has unchangingly valued normalcy and staying grounded. Chances are he’ll alimony his family life private while still giving fans glimpses into this new installment of joy and adventure. One thing’s for sure, that little girl has two of the most loving parents and an incredibly unexceptionable future superiority of her.


So there you have it, the newest YouTube star is upon us and his name is Julian. At just a few weeks old, this little guy has once conglomerate over 100,000 subscribers and millions of views. Sure the fame and fortune comes from his insanely popular parents, but you have to shoehorn the kid is pretty cute. While some may criticize PewDiePie and Marzia for exploiting their newborn for YouTube fame, you can’t deny this is the world we live in now. YouTube stars are the new celebrities and their fans want to know every detail well-nigh their lives, plane the inrush of a baby. Love them or hate them, PewDiePie’s victual is unmistakably the newest star of YouTube. We’ll be watching to see just how big a YouTube sensation little Julian can become. The future of YouTube stardom is here, let the vlogs begin!

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