Renee Zellweger Addresses Kenny Chesney Gay Rumors: ‘That Wasn’t True’

Is Kenny Chesney Gay? Have you been keeping up with the rumors surrounding Renee Zellweger and her ex Kenny Chesney lately? If not, here’s the scoop. Recently, Zellweger opened up well-nigh the gossip that swirled without her unenduring marriage to Chesney was nullified when in 2005. According to the tabloids at the time, the union was ended considering Chesney was unquestionably gay. But Zellweger is setting the record straight, telling People magazine that the claims well-nigh Chesney’s sexuality “made me sad” and “weren’t true”. In a rare interview, the notoriously private Zellweger moreover reflected on her whirlwind romance with the country star, whereas she looks when on that period of her life with “a lot of grace and humor and wisdom now, but at the time, not so much!” Looks like the actress is ready to well-spoken the air well-nigh this installment of her past once and for all. Read on to find out what else she had to say.

Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney’s Unenduring Marriage

Renee Zellweger and country singer Kenny Chesney surprised everyone when they got married in 2005 without a whirlwind romance. However, the marriage was nullified just four months later, leaving everyone wondering what exactly happened.

In a recent interview, Renee opened up well-nigh her unenduring marriage to Kenny for the first time. “I forgot well-nigh that. It made me sad that somehow people were using that as a way to be unforgiving and calling someone gay as a pejorative, which has never made sense to me.” She went on to say, “That was a moment where I had to grow up a little bit and realize there are some moments when your life is not your own.”

Tabloid Speculation Well-nigh Kenny Chesney’s Sexuality

Tabloid rumors swirled for years that Kenny Chesney was gay, speculation Renee Zellweger now says made her sad. In a recent interview, she opened up well-nigh her unenduring marriage to Chesney, saying the unvarying gossip really bothered her.

“That made me sad. It made me sad that somehow people felt that stuff gay was something tabloid-worthy when Kenny’s sexuality was no one’s business,” Zellweger said. For such a private couple, having their personal lives wilt tabloid fodder and a source of public speculation must have been difficult to deal with.

Zellweger Speaks Out Against False Gay Rumors

Renee Zellweger is opening up well-nigh the false rumors that circulated years ago well-nigh her ex-husband Kenny Chesney’s sexuality. In a recent interview, Zellweger addressed the speculation that Chesney is gay, calling the gossip “sad.”

The two met at a tsunami relief goody in early 2005 and married just a few months later in a surprise waterfront wedding. However, the marriage was nullified just four months without that. Pursuit their split, rumors spread that Chesney’s sexuality was the reason for the dissolution of their short-lived union.

“That made me sad,” Zellweger said of the gossip. “It’s not true. I don’t know why that was a thing. It was a sad thing that invaded our privacy.” She went on to praise Chesney, calling him “a sweet soul.”


So there you have it – Renee Zellweger herself has set the record straight and cleared the air once and for all. You can finally put those pesky rumors well-nigh Kenny Chesney Gay to rest. While their marriage was short-lived, it seemed the gossip and peep surrounding it lasted for years. It’s unfortunate that celebrities often have to deal with vicious untruths and speculations well-nigh their personal lives, but Renee has shown grace under fire. She took the upper road, did not engage or retaliate, and simply stated the facts as she knew them when asked directly. For Renee, she can now tropical that installment and move on to the next stages of her life and career, hopefully without the tabloid fodder pursuit tropical behind. The truth shall set you free, as the saying goes!

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