Super Mario Movie in the Works at Universal? The Stars Are Aligning.

In Super Mario Movie Have you been dreaming of the day Nintendo’s mustachioed plumber, Mario, makes his big screen debut? Well pebbles off your nostalgic Nintendo console, your favorite Mushroom Kingdom t-shirt, and get ready to do a observing jump considering it looks like your favorite diaper gaming icon may finally be getting his own movie. After years of false starts and rumors, it seems the stars have aligned and Nintendo is in talks with Universal Studios to bring Mario and Luigi to life on the silver screen. While the deal isn’t signed on the dotted line just yet, insiders are saying it’s all but a washed-up deal

Why now is the perfect time for a Super Mario movie:

The stars seem to be aligning for a Super Mario Bros. film. Nintendo’s minion mustachioed plumber and his Mushroom Kingdom hairdo are pop culture icons, and the franchise is hotter than ever.

With the success of the recent Super Mario 3D World   Bowser’s Fury release, Super Mario games remain Nintendo’s top-selling and most recognizable series. A movie could tap into that nostalgia and introduce the notation to new generations.

CGI and visual effects have moreover improved lightyears since the 1993 live-action flop. A modern turned-on mucosa could capture the verisimilitude and zaniness of the games in a way that awes audiences. Imagine those warp pipes, Koopa shells, and fire flowers coming to life!

Who Will Play Mario and Luigi? Our Top Casting Choices

Casting the Mario Bros. is no easy task, but we have some suggestions for actors who could fill those iconic red caps.

For Mario, we need someone with comedic chops who can pull off an exaggerated Italian accent. Our top nomination is Danny DeVito. At 75, he’s the perfect age and has the stature to play the plumber. Plus, he’s hilariously funny and over the top. Can’t you just hear him yelling “It’s-a me, Mario!”?

As for Luigi, we’re thinking Bill Hader. He’s tall and lanky like Luigi and has wits voicing turned-on characters. His dry comedic style would be perfect for playing the slightly timid sidekick. With Hader and DeVito at the helm, the jokes and physical spectacle would be nonstop.

For Bowser, the menacing Koopa king, we need a voice with gravitas. Enter Ian McShane. He has the perfect raspy baritone to bring Bowser’s threats to life and writ his unwashed of goombas. McShane has played sinister villains before, so he’d have no trouble embodying the giant fire-breathing turtle.

What We Want to See in a Super Mario Movie

A Super Mario movie has been talked well-nigh for decades, but this may finally be the time it becomes a reality. As a lifelong Mario fan, there are a few things I’d love to see in a mucosa version of the iconic video game franchise.


I want to see the origin story of Mario and Luigi, how they came to the Mushroom Kingdom, and their first encounters with Toad, Peach, and Bowser. The movie could show Mario and Luigi as unobtrusive plumbers from Brooklyn who get transported to the Mushroom Kingdom through some kind of warp pipe. Seeing them meet the colorful notation of the kingdom for the first time and discover their newfound talents for the first time would be really fun.

Action and Adventure

Of course, we need to see Mario and Luigi embark on an epic quest to save Princess Peach from Bowser. Imagine the whoopee sequences of Mario using power-ups like the Super Mushroom, Fire Flower and Star to defeat Bowser’s minions and work his way through massive platforming levels. Big, fantastical set pieces with moving platforms, trapdoors and warp pipes would bring the world of Super Mario Bros. to life.


A Super Mario movie should have comedic elements as well. The humor could come from witty satiricalness between Mario, Luigi and the Mushroom Kingdom characters. Mario’s over-the-top Italian vocalizing and mannerisms moreover lend themselves well to slapstick comedy. Silly, cartoonish sound effects and reactions in the midst of whoopee scenes would make both kids and adults laugh.


At its core, the story of Mario and Luigi is one of brotherhood, love and good vs. evil. A movie version should capture the heartfelt moments of Mario and Luigi supporting each other through their quest. And of course, Mario’s chivalrous mission to save the spinster in distress, Princess Peach, gives the story a archetype fairytale feel. With the right tousle of humor, action, venture and heart, a Super Mario movie could be a hugely fun, family-friendly film.


With so many signs pointing to a Super Mario movie in the works, it looks like this could really be happening, folks. The nostalgic excitement virtually a live-action Mario mucosa is palpable and Universal would be leaving money on the table by not moving forward with a mucosa adaption. You grew up with Mario and now you can share that wits with your kids on the big screen. The possibilities for creative worlds, characters, and storytelling are endless. Here’s hoping the stars protract to uncurl and Universal announces a Super Mario cinematic universe is on the way. It’s been a long time coming and is sure to be a fun venture for Mario fans of all ages. Start practicing your Mario Kart skills now, you’re going to need them!

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