The Most Effective Martichoras Smite Build for Season 7

You’ve been hitting the Battleground of the Gods hard this season, racking up kills and trying out all the new item changes. But if you’re like most SMITE players, you’ve been struggling to find a build for Martichoras that really maximizes her damage potential. Look no further, friend – this Martichoras build will have your enemies crying for their mommies. Forget the standard Warrior Tabi and Breastplate of Valor – this season, it’s all about hitting fast and hitting hard. With this high-damage build focused on penetration and power, you’ll be bursting down mages and assassins before they even realize what hit them. Your teammates will wonder how you’re carrying so hard as you chase down enemies and secure kills across the map. The days of Martichoras being an underpowered pick are over – with this build, you’ll be an unstoppable force leaving behind a trail of defeated foes. Ready to take your Martichoras game to the next level? Read on, and get ready to unleash the beast.

Skills to Focus on for a Martichoras Smite Build

To dominate with Martichoras in Season 7, focus on skills that maximize damage.

-Prioritize Martichoras’s 1st ability, Venom Spray. This cone attack slows enemies and deals damage over time. Upgrade it early to increase the slow amount and damage.

-Martichoras’s 2nd ability, Noxious Fumes, leaves behind poison clouds that damage enemies. Use it to control space in team fights or slow enemies chasing you. The damage and radius increase with leveling.

-For Martichoras’s ultimate, Poison Nova, choose the upgrade that deals bonus damage to poisoned targets. This helps you burst down slowed and damaged enemies after hitting them with your other abilities.

-Outside of abilities, build items that provide power, penetration and cooldown reduction. Some recommended options are Bancroft’s Talon, Spear of Desolation and Gem of Isolation.

With the right skill focus and itemization, you’ll melt through enemies and climb the ranked ladder as an unstoppable Martichoras. Outplay your opponents and dominate the battleground!

Best Items for a Martichoras Smite Build

To dominate with Martichoras, you need the right gear. Here are the must-have items for your smite build:

A strong defensive item like Breastplate of Valor or Bulwark of Hope should be first on your list. Martichoras has low defense, so you’ll need the extra protection.

Next, grab Warrior Tabi boots for power and movement speed. You need to move fast to chase down opponents or escape sticky situations.

For damage, pick up Jotunn’s Wrath. This gives you penetration, power, and cooldown reduction so you can spam abilities. Then either Brawler’s Beat Stick to counter healing or Titan’s Bane for tank shredding.

Finally, top it off with a situational item like Magi’s Cloak against crowd control or Mantle of Discord for defense and cooldowns.

With the right balance of power, penetration, and protection, you’ll transform into an unstoppable force on the battleground. Now get out there and unleash Martichoras’ wrath!

Early Game Martichoras Smite Build

Early Jungle Item

As soon as the match starts, buy Bumba’s Dagger as your starting item. This provides 10% cooldown reduction and mana restore on kills and assists to keep you in the jungle. Evolve this into Bumba’s Hammer for extra damage against jungle bosses and objectives.

For your first completed item, build Transcendence to solve any mana problems and give you extra cooldown and power. An alternative is Jotunn’s Wrath for penetration and CDR. Either of these core power items will allow you to clear buffs and gank with ease.


Warrior Tabi are your best option for boots. The power and penetration will help your abilities hit hard in the early game. You can also consider Reinforced Greaves for extra tankiness if you find yourself dying too quickly.

Ability Leveling

Focus on leveling your 1 first for extra damage, then your 2 for the root and protection shred. Put a point in your 3 at level 4 for mobility and save your ultimate for team fights or securing kills.

The early game is all about farming to hit level 5, then looking for ganks in the side lanes. Build power and cooldown to maximize your damage and camp clear, allowing you to rotate quickly. Play aggressive but don’t dive towers without your team – you are still squishy! Help your lanes get ahead and secure neutral objectives like the Gold Fury to gain an advantage going into the mid game.

Mid Game Martichoras Smite Build

Core Items

Once you’ve got a few kills under your belt, you’ll have enough gold to start building Martichoras’s core items. Focus on:

  • Transcendence for mana and cooldown reduction. This allows you to spam abilities in fights without worrying about mana.
  • Warrior Tabi for power, mana, and movement speed. The extra power and mana synergize well with Transcendence.
  • Jotunn’s Wrath for penetration, power, mana, and cooldown reduction. This, combined with Transcendence, will cap your CDR and allow your abilities to hit hard.

Situational Defenses

Depending on the enemy team comp, you’ll want to build one or two defensive items. Good options include:

-Hide of the Nemean Lion for physical protection, health, and damage reflection. This counters enemy hunters and assassins.

  • Bulwark of Hope for magical protection, health, and a strong passive shield. Build this against teams with high magic damage.
  • Mantle of Discord for both protections, health, CDR, and a stun-preventing passive. This is a great all-purpose defense if the enemy team has a balance of physical and magical damage.

With these core damage and defensive items online, Martichoras enters his most impactful point in the mid-game. Look for opportunities to rotate, gank, and team fight to get your team ahead going into the late game. Play smart, choose your engages wisely, and victory will be within your grasp!


So there you have it, the most effective martichoras smite build for dominating season 7. With the powerful combination of damage and sustain from transcendence, hydra’s lament, and soul eater, you’ll be an unstoppable force on the battleground. The movement speed from warrior tabi will allow you to chase down enemies and escape sticky situations. And of course, with medusa’s deathbringer to round it out, your basic attacks and abilities will hit like a truck. Follow this build, practice the combos, and outplay your opponents. You’ll be climbing the ranked leaderboards in no time and striking fear into the hearts of enemies whenever they see a martichoras locking in. Now get out there and show them what you’re made of! The conquest map awaits.

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