The Untold Story of Astrid How to Train Your Dragon

Ever wonder what life was really like for Astrid How to Train Your Dragon? There’s so much more to Berk’s fiercest dragon rider than what you’ve seen in the movies. She didn’t just show up one day as Hiccup’s love interest, ax at the ready and Deadly Nadder companion by her side. Astrid had to work for everything she achieved in a village where girls were expected to sit quietly and leave the dragon fighting to the boys. But Astrid wasn’t about to let her gender stop her from becoming the warrior she knew she could be. Her journey to become Berk’s first female defender was full of challenges, heartbreak, and more than a few close calls with flaming reptiles. This is the untold story of how Astrid found her inner strength, overcame obstacles at every turn, and became a legend among Vikings. Get ready to see Astrid How to Train Your Dragon in a whole new light.

Astrid: The Fierce Viking Warrior

Astrid is no damsel in distress. This shield maiden is a force to be reckoned with.

As one of the strongest Viking warriors, Astrid can hold her own in any fight. She’s an expert in combat with her double-bladed ax, and her skills rival those of the boys. Don’t let her blonde braid and good looks fool you – she’ll make mincemeat out of anyone who crosses her.

While Astrid may seem harsh, she has a strong moral code and fights for justice. She believes in fairness, courage, and defending the weak. Underneath her tough exterior is a woman with deep feelings for Hiccup, the village outcast turned hero.

Astrid and Hiccup prove that opposites attract. Where he is scrawny, she is strong. Where he is awkward, she is graceful. But they share a stubborn streak, quick wit, and the ability to look past appearances to see people for who they truly are.

This spirited shield maiden is a reminder that girls can be brave, clever and kind-hearted too. And in a world of dragons and danger, Berk is lucky to have a fearless protector like Astrid.

Astrid’s Dragon Stormfly: A Deadly Nadder With a Soft Side

If there’s one thing you need to know about Astrid’s dragon Stormfly, it’s that she’s the perfect match for her Viking companion. Like Astrid, Stormfly has a tough exterior but a heart of gold underneath.

As a Deadly Nadder, Stormfly is equipped with razor sharp spines that can launch at enemies. Don’t let those spines fool you though. Stormfly would never hurt a fly unless Astrid was in danger. Her favorite activities are lounging in the sun while Astrid brushes her iridescent blue scales and going on leisurely flights over the ocean.

While the other dragons in the Dragon Riders group are more aloof, Stormfly bonds closely with humans, especially Astrid. She’s extremely affectionate and intuitive to Astrid’s needs. If Astrid is feeling down, Stormfly is the first to comfort her and lift her spirits. The two share a deep connection that allows them to anticipate each other’s moves in battle and accomplish amazing feats together.

Stormfly may be a powerful dragon, but she’s a gentle giant at heart. Her loyalty and loving nature make her the perfect companion for a fierce yet compassionate Viking like Astrid. With Stormfly by her side, Astrid can accomplish anything.

Astrid and Hiccup: An on-Again, Off-Again Romance

An On-Again, Off-Again Romance

Astrid and Hiccup have had a complicated relationship from the start. At first, Astrid wanted nothing to do with Hiccup and saw him as weak and strange. But after Hiccup began to prove himself by befriending Toothless, Astrid started to gain respect for him.

Their romance blossomed in fits and starts. After Hiccup lost his leg fighting the Red Death, Astrid realized how much he meant to her. She gave him a kiss to prove it. However, their duties as leaders of the Dragon Riders and other responsibilities often kept them apart.

They broke up at one point due to a lack of trust and communication but eventually reconciled. Although Hiccup proposed to Astrid, they postponed marriage to focus on their responsibilities. Through it all, their love and commitment to each other has remained strong. Their playful banter and teasing show how comfortable they are together.

Astrid is Hiccup’s equal in intelligence, skill and bullheadedness. While their relationship has faced obstacles, their devotion and loyalty to one another has allowed them to work through challenges together. Astrid’s support and belief in Hiccup has given him courage and strength. In turn, Hiccup respects Astrid’s independence and skill. They bring out the best in each other, making them an unstoppable team.

Astrid’s Important Role in the Dragon Training Academy

Astrid’s Role in Training the Dragon Riders

As one of the first Viking women to ride and train dragons, Astrid played an integral role in the Dragon Training Academy.

Astrid was essential in training the new dragon riders. She helped teach combat skills and how to properly care for dragons to recruits like Hiccup and Fishlegs. Her knowledge of dragon behavior and the bond she shared with Stormfly, her Deadly Nadder, made her an invaluable mentor.

Not only did Astrid train others, but she continued honing her own skills. She practiced aerial combat maneuvers and racing techniques, eventually becoming one of the fastest dragon racers. Astrid’s dedication to constant improvement showed others what could be achieved through hard work and perseverance.

Astrid also helped scout for new dragons to train, exploring beyond the island of Berk. On these journeys, she discovered unique dragons with abilities that benefited the tribe. Her explorations highlighted the diversity of dragons in the archipelago and the potential for discovery.

In many ways, Astrid embodied the heart of the Dragon Training Academy. Her passion for dragons and natural leadership helped shape the program during its early years. Astrid’s role in training new riders and exploring the archipelago demonstrated how one determined Viking could change the future.


You’ve now discovered the hidden depths of Astrid’s character and journey in the Astrid How to Train Your Dragon franchise. Though often portrayed as a stereotypical tough Viking warrior, Astrid shows tremendous growth, navigating complex relationships and learning what real strength means. Her story reminds us that we all have layers beneath the surface, and true power comes from embracing our vulnerabilities.

Next time you watch the movies or TV series, look for the subtle details that reveal Astrid’s multifaceted personality. Appreciate how she finds her voice and forges her own path separate from societal expectations. Astrid proves you can be a badass while also being sensitive, caring, and willing to change. Her untold story is one of courage, love, and what it means to become your authentic self.

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