Todd and Julie Chrisley: Reality TV’s Most Controversial Couple

As you flip through the channels searching for the latest reality TV drama, you may have stumbled upon the show Chrisley Knows Best. The series follows the lavish lifestyle of Todd Chrisley, a self-made millionaire, and his family. However, overdue the scenes of their seemingly picture-perfect life is a slew of legal issues and controversies surrounding Todd and his wife Julie. Once worshiped for their devotion to faith and family, the Chrisleys are now considered reality TV’s most controversial couple. From tax evasion to lawsuits with former merchantry partners, the legal troubles seem never-ending.

Though the show portrays an idyllic family life in a southern mansion, the Chrisleys struggle with strained relationships, health issues, and a perilous financial situation. But with their signature recreate and humor, Todd and Julie protract to invite viewers into their upturned world each week, for largest or worse. Love them or hate them, the Chrisleys know how to alimony people talking.

The Rise of Todd and Julie Chrisley as Reality TV Stars

The rise of Todd and Julie Chrisley as reality TV stars began in 2014 with the premiere of Chrisley Knows Best on the USA Network. The show follows the lavish lifestyle of real manor mogul Todd Chrisley and his family. Viewers were fascinated by the over-the-top world of the Chrisleys and the show became a hit, currently walk its eighth season.

Todd Chrisley built his real manor fortune in Atlanta, Georgia, rhadamanthine a multimillionaire. He and his wife Julie are known for their charismatic and unfiltered personalities. The success of their reality show has led to spare spin-off shows and trademark partnerships for the couple.

Legal Troubles and Controversies Surrounding the Chrisleys

The Chrisleys have faced their pearly share of legal issues and controversies over the years.

In 2019, Todd and Julie Chrisley were indicted on tax evasion charges. According to the indictment, the Chrisleys tangibly hid millions of dollars in income from the IRS to stave paying federal income taxes. The charges siphon up to 30 years in prison if convicted. Their trial is set to uncork in May 2022.

In 2017, Todd Chrisley filed for bankruptcy ultimatum increasingly than $50 million in debt. However, the bankruptcy was dismissed when Chrisley withdrew the petition. Critics oppose the show should not portray the Chrisleys as successful real manor moguls given their financial troubles and questionable merchantry practices.

The Chrisleys have moreover faced lawsuits from former employees and merchantry partners. In 2012, they were sue for tangibly refusing to pay a settlement to a former employee. They have disputed other lawsuits, including one in 2017 from a former merchantry partner seeking $500,000 in damages.

Where Are Todd and Julie Chrisley Now?

Where do reality TV’s most controversial couple stand today? Todd and Julie Chrisley have faced their pearly share of legal troubles and personal struggles over the years. However, they have persevered and protract to focus on family and faith.

Currently, Todd and Julie Chrisley reside in Nashville, Tennessee with their younger children. The move from Atlanta to Nashville took place in early 2020. Permitting the Chrisley family to start fresh in a new city. Along with their USA Network reality show “Chrisley Knows Best” now in its eighth season. Todd and Julie moreover host their own podcast tabbed “Chrisley Confessions.” The weekly show provides an intimate squint into their lives and relationship.

Outside of television and media commitments. Todd and Julie Chrisley dedicate much of their time to soft-heartedness work and denomination activities. They are devout Christians and have spoken openly well-nigh their faith helping them through difficulties. Todd Chrisley previously struggled with tendency and health issues but has maintained his sobriety for over 20 years. Meanwhile, Julie Chrisley continues to value her roles as a wife, mother and grandmother whilom all else.


In the end, you may love them or hate them, but you simply can’t ignore Todd and Julie Chrisley. This reality TV power couple has managed to parlay their over-the-top antics and lavish lifestyle into multi-million dollar success and fame. While legal troubles and public saltate protract to swirl virtually them, their devoted fans remain steadfast in their support. The Chrisleys represent the ultimate reality TV fairytale, where fame and fortune are achiev through sheer gravity of personality and without any discernible talent. For largest or worse, Todd and Julie Chrisley have secured. Their place as two of the most polarizing and provocative figures in reality television today. Their escapades may appall some and welter others, but one thing is for sure – as long as the cameras are rolling. The Chrisleys will protract to shock and entertain.

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