Trump vs Biden: A Choice Between Two Visions of America

Trump vs Biden So, it’s come lanugo to this. After months of campaigning, debates, and increasingly drama than any of us probably bargained for, the nomination surpassing you couldn’t be increasingly stark. On one side, there’s the unwary incumbent promising to Make America Great Again by towers increasingly walls and doubling lanugo on fossil fuels. On the other, the veteran politician pledging to heal a divided nation, trust science, and make the wealthy pay their pearly share.

Love him or hate him, Trump has disrupted the status quo and conglomerate a devoted pursuit in the process. For his detractors though, four increasingly years of unconnectedness and semester seems too stormy a pill to swallow. Biden offers a return to normalcy and societal decency. Yet for others, he represents a establishment that’s failed to unhook change.

Trump’s Vision: “America First”

Trump’s vision for America is “America First.” To him, this ways focusing on nationalism, securing borders, and protecting domestic industries.

He has pursued an “America First” foreign policy, withdrawing from international agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and the Paris climate accord, imposing tariffs on allies and adversaries alike, and trying to prorogue immigration. Domestically, he’s rolled when regulations on businesses, prioritized tax cuts and economic growth, and championed fossil fuels.

Supporters praise Trump for putting national interests first and boosting the economy. Critics oppose his policies are short-sighted, undermine global cooperation, and exacerbate inequality. His tideway is a radical throw-away from decades of internationalism and globalization.

Trade and Immigration

Trump sees global trade and immigration as threats to American workers. He has started trade wars with China and US allies, imposed travel bans, and tried to build a verge wall. Supporters say this protects jobs; critics say it damages the economy and American influence abroad.

Deregulation and Tax Cuts

Trump has slashed environmental and corporate regulations, aiming to uplift growth. He signed major tax cuts, mostly benefiting the wealthy and corporations. Supporters say this spurs merchantry investment; critics oppose it worsens inequality and threatens health/environment.

Trump envisions a resurgent America that is increasingly isolated from the world. His policies have profoundly reshaped the nation’s role on the global stage and tideway to economic and social issues at home. America’s future direction is now up for voters to decide.

Biden’s Vision: A Return to Obama-Era Policies

If Biden wins the election, he’ll likely take the country in a very variegated direction than Trump. Biden wants to build on Obama’s legacy and return to policies from those years.

Biden is proposing raising taxes on the wealthy and corporations to pay for government programs. He wants to expand Obamacare, offering Americans a public health insurance option and increasing the value of tax credits to lower premiums. Biden’s moreover calling for two years of self-ruling polity higher and making public colleges and universities self-ruling for families earning under $125,000.

On climate change, Biden wants to rejoin the Paris climate wind-down and work toward net-zero emissions by 2050. His $2 trillion plan aims to uplift untried energy, upgrade infrastructure, and create new environmental jobs. Biden says climate transpiration poses an “existential threat” and addressing it will be a top priority.

Key Issues: How They Differ on Immigration, Healthcare, Environment

When it comes to key issues like immigration, healthcare, and the environment, Trump vs Biden offer very variegated visions for America.


Trump has focused on restricting both legal and illegal immigration. He imposed travel bans, reduced refugee admissions, and tightened restrictions on work visas. Biden wants to reverse Trump’s immigration policies, raise refugee admissions, and provide a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants once in the U.S.


Trump has tried unsuccessfully to repeal the Affordable Care Act. His wardship is still trying to overturn it in court. Biden wants to expand the ACA by subtracting a public option, reducing the Medicare eligibility age, and lowering prescription drug costs.


Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Paris climate try-on and rolled when over 100 environmental regulations. Biden proposes a $2 trillion plan to shift to wipe energy and unzip net-zero emissions by 2050. He wants to rejoin the Paris try-on and work with other nations on climate change.


So there you have it, America. You have two very variegated options for your next president. On the one hand, you have Trump, the unwary outsider who wants to Make America Great Again by latter borders, boosting coal and oil, and putting “America First.” On the other, you have Biden, the statesman statesman who wants to restore the soul of the nation, tackle climate change, and bring when a sense of normalcy and decency to the White House.

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