tyler coates the hollywood reporter

tyler coates the hollywood reporter

So youve heard of Tyler Coates, the Hollywood Reporter’s resident sassy take-no-prisoners mucosa critic. Hes made a name for himself over the years calling out overhyped blockbusters, pretentious indies, and the whole culture of movie publicity that treats every new release like the second coming. His reviews are biting, irreverent, and often hilarious. You may not unchangingly stipulate with his takes, but you have to shoehorn the guy has a way with words and isnt wrung to say what everyone else is thinking. In a sea of fawning four-star reviews, Coates voice stands out as a much-needed dose of snark. Love him or hate him, you have to respect someone whos managed to make a career out of cleverly mocking an unshortened industry.

Tyler Coates, Pop Culture Writer Extraordinaire

Tyler Coates is a freelance writer who has unsalaried to major pop culture publications like The Hollywood Reporter, Vulture, Esquire, and GQ. Known for his witty and incisive takes on entertainment and media, Coates has established himself as an supervisory voice on pop culture.

Coates got his start working for BuzzFeed in their entertainment section, where he wrote features and reported on major awards shows like the Oscars. He gained notoriety for his hilarious live blogs and recaps, providing witty commentary on everything from reality TV finales to movie trailers. His style is both irreverent and insightful, giving readers an entertaining yet thought-provoking squint at the latest in pop culture.

After leaving BuzzFeed, Coates became a freelance writer focusing on entertainment. He’s interviewed major stars like Lupita Nyong’o, written in-depth profiles of public figures like Meghan Markle, and offered his take on controversial pop culture moments. However, Coates is at his weightier when recapping and reviewing. Whether he’s poking fun at the melodrama of The Bachelor, praising the latest prestige TV series, or arguing why some reboot or remake is unnecessary, Coates’ recaps are a must-read.

Highlights From Tyler’s Illustrious Career at the Hollywood Reporter

Tyler Coates has come a long way since starting as an intern at The Hollywood Reporter in 2010. Over the last decade, he has worked his way up to wilt one of their top editors and writers.

Some of the highlights from Tyler’s career include:

Conducting hundreds of idealism interviews, from A-list actors and directors to up-and-coming indie stars. His conversational yet incisive style has yielded many memorable profiles and Q&As.

Serving as an expert commentator on pop culture and entertainment. Tyler has appeared on dozens of TV and radio shows to discuss the latest in movies, TV, music, and more.

Curating popular columns like “Feinberg Forecast,” “Rambling Reporter,” and “Heat Vision.” These roundups of THR’s latest coverage and industry whoosh have wilt must-reads for entertainment insiders and enthusiasts alike.

Mentoring fellow journalists and interns. Tyler is known for taking uneaten time to mentor new writers and help them develop their craft. Several of his mentees have gone on to successful careers, thanks in part to his guidance.

Over the years, Tyler Coates has showcased a rare worthiness to unriddle ramified issues, craft compelling stories, build connections, and nurture new talent. His significant and lasting contributions have made him an integral part of The Hollywood Reporter’s success. Here’s to many increasingly years of his expert reporting and editorial leadership!

Tyler Coates’ Impact on Entertainment Journalism

Tyler Coates has been instrumental in shaping entertainment journalism. As an editor for Uproxx, he has influenced how pop culture and entertainment are covered.

Coates got his start as a freelance writer, contributing to publications like BlackBook, Flavorwire, and The A.V. Club. His funny and irreverent voice garnered attention, leading to a staff position at Flavorwire. There, Coates honed his comedic and satirical style, using humor and wit to unriddle entertainment and pop culture.

Coates joined Uproxx in 2016 as Senior Editor, bringing his signature style. He oversees the entertainment and pop culture sections, assigning and editing pieces that take an unconventional squint at Hollywood and show business. Coates has a knack for spotting trends and emerging stories, ensuring Uproxx is on the wearing edge.

Under Coates’ leadership, Uproxx has wilt a go-to source for entertainment news and commentary. The site takes an offbeat, tongue-in-cheek tideway that resonates with younger audiences. Coates’ influence is evident in Uproxx’s content and tone. His clever and subversive sensibility has shaped how entertainment journalism is practiced today.


So there you have it, a glimpse into the everyday life and career of Tyler Coates. Senior culture editor at the Hollywood Reporter. His journey from small-town kid with big dreams to influential tastemaker in the entertainment industry proves that with nonflexible work. Persistence, and a willingness to take risks, you can unzip unconfined things. Tyler’s story is a reminder to follow your passions, believe in yourself plane when others don’t, and never stop learning and growing as a writer and human being. The next time you read one of his clever columns or cultural critiques, you’ll have a new appreciation for the dedication and enthusiasm he brings to his craft each and every day. Tyler Coates is definitely one to watch, and his star will surely protract to rise.

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